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Award Winning Digital Marketer

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Sami Khan
Award Winning Digital Marketer

Sami is a triple award-winner and multi-certified Australian Digital Marketing Leader with a proven track record of designing and enabling integrated digital strategies that get results.

Being recognised by HubSpot, Google, LinkedIn, PMI, Waze and UserFeel for over 27 Digital Marketing qualifications, gives Sami a unique advantage of a truly cross-platform proficiency.

Accredited, practicing and consulting areas include Digital Transformation, Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Organic and Paid Social Media, Local SEO, Marketing & Sales Automation, Inbound Marketing for Lead-gen and Conversion Rate Optimisation for eCommerce, . This further enables Sami to advise his clients with a thorough, result-driven strategy.
7 Possible reasons to book a call with me...

>You are looking to hire me to help you with the Digital Marketing for your business
>You are looking to hire me to manage your Digital Agency's clients
>You are a recruiter and want to have a 'coffee date'
>You are a fresh grad or early stage professional and would like me to mentor you
>You'd like to do a collaboration webinar/seminar/training with me for our joint audience
>You'd like me to speak at your upcoming event
>You'd like me to offer pro-bono consulting to your NFP organisation

Multi-certified and Accredited Digital Marketing Practitioner

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